Offer Dark Roast

We realize you might be new to artisan crafted micro-batch roasted coffee.  We also understand you might be trying to figure out which Ramona Roasters profile is comparable to the light, medium, or dark roast you’re used to buying at “those other places.”

We do not roast our coffee to the typical or common roast styles of light, medium, and dark.  We roast our coffee long enough to bring out the unique and natural flavors of the original coffee cherry.  

We want you to experience and taste the distinct flavor notes of each coffee and not the flavors of the roast or heat. We have a little saying around here that goes, “We want you to taste the bean, not the burn!”  Anyone can burn a bean but not everyone can gently coax the beautiful flavor profiles out of a coffee bean.  
We roast to highlight the unique flavor profiles of our coffees, not to achieve a specific appearance or color.

As for why we’ll never roast dark coffee and why you’ll never see oils on our coffee beans, simply put, oil is BAD for coffee.  It degrades the quality of coffee and hides all the wonderful flavors under a cloak of a bitter, charred, and ashy taste.

Dark oily coffee beans will not stay as fresh as non-oily beans and actually begin to turn rancid once the oils are released from the bean and appear on the roasted bean.

Not to mention the oils are not good for grinders. But we encourage you to do your own research.