Karo Sumatra

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Our Sumatra is not your typical dark, oily, burnt tasting coffe.  We roast our Sumatra so you “taste the bean and not the burn.”

• Mild

• Medium *This profile is not over roasted so you will taste the burn and not the burn

Ideal drinking temperature:
• Warm to cool

Dark Chocolate • Prune • Tobacco • Earthy

Green Coffee Notes:
• Country: Indonesia
• Region: Sumatra, Karo Highlands
• Processing: Wet Hulled
• Altitude: 1100 – 1350 masl (meters above sea level)

Farm Notes:
• Sumatra Mandheling Karo Highlands coffee comes from smallholders in in the district of Paranginan, Humbahas Province in Karo Highlands area. Growers in this region have an average of 0.5 – 1 hectare dedicated to coffee. But with a climate of between 15 – 25 Celsius, favorable soil conditions and a high altitude, conditions are ideal for growing arabica coffee.

Sumatran coffee is truly differentiated because of its unique wet-hulled processing method. The process uses water to remove the cherry’s red pulp and mucilage, while also removing the parchment layer in a “wet huller”. By removing the parchment layer the bean dries faster, which is beneficial in Indonesia’s wet climate.

In Grade 1 coffees, such as our Karo Sumatra, the process continues with meticulous color sorting to eliminate defective green coffee beans. The wet-hulled process gives Sumatra its signature intense earthy flavors of cedar and tobacco, as well as rich, sweet chocolate.

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