El Jaguar


Each purchase of El Jaguar coffee will assist in funding to protect Costa Rica’s diminishing jaguar population.

• Medium

• Medium – Light

Ideal Drinking Temperture: 
• Warm to cool

• Raspberry
• Tropical Fruit
• Honey
• Milk Chocolate
• Roasted Almond

Green Coffee Notes:
• Country: Costa Rica
• Region: Tarrazú
• Processing: Honey
• Drying Method: Patio Sun-dried
• Altitude: 1200 to 1750 masl (meters above sea level)

Is an organization that is actively involved in conservation through research, habitat management and education. Conservation activities include species exhibitions, natural history, guided tours and workshops for students. Reforestation and rehabilitation of the zoo, as well as the Conservation Center in Santa Ana. Also, FUNDAZOO actively works with Conservation Planning Specialist Group (CPSG) of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Range: The species is found from Mexico to northern Argentina, but has lost about 49% of its historical range. While jaguars tend to live in habitat or areas with dense cover in locations like the Amazon of South America and Maya Forest of Central America, they can also live in arid, desert-like environments such as the Sonoran Desert of Mexico.

Behavior: The largest species of Mesoamerica (42-100kg), it is active by day and night. Although it is a good climber and swimmer, it prefers to hunt on the ground. It has a diverse diet, preying on fish, reptiles (iguanas, turtles, caimans, etc.), medium to large mammals (pacas, tapirs, white-lipped peccary) and large birds. Females breed about every two years, having 1-4 kittens, being two the most common. In the wild it can live about 15 years, while in captivity more than 20 years.

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