Roasted On and Best By Date

It’s natural to want the absolute freshest product, but that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to roasted coffee

Once coffee is roasted it goes through a natural process of degassing in which co₂ that was brought to the surface of the bean during the roast will continue expelling over the course of the next 5-7 days, and in some cases maybe even longer.  While coffee goes through the degassing phase, water has a difficult time penetrating the surface of the coffee bean.  This ultimately affects the overall extraction of that sweet nectar you crave.To achieve the best extraction and for the smoothest cup of coffee you’ll want to brew a coffee that was roasted within 7-14 days on the roasted on date. While roasted whole bean coffee doesn’t have a shelf life the aromas and natural notes of the coffee will fade over time so we recommend consuming your coffee within three months of the roasted on date or before the best by date. Of course, how you store your coffee is just as important as how your coffee was roasted and how it is brewed.

While we’re on the subject of storing coffee, let’s take a moment to dispel the rumor of storing coffee in the fridge/freezer. The bottom line is that moisture is bad for coffee, which in turn means storing your coffee in a fridge or freezer is not a good thing, not only because of their humid environments, but also because of the fluctuations in temperature which create moisture. When you take your coffee in and out of a fridge or freezer you are contributing to these temperature fluctuations.

It is more important to store your coffee in a tightly sealed container and in a dark, dry, and cool place like the back of a pantry.

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